What is so valuable in understanding analytics?

Analytics are fact based numbers about your visitors and how they interact with your website and/or social media accounts, if you are able to draw the right conclusions out of those numbers, than you know your audience better than any type of other research could explain.

What is the difference between MIMIR insights and Google Analytics insights?

Google Analytics provides a very basic form of insights for people who have set up their Google Analytics. But these insights can actually be completely wrong, since it does not take any personalized elements of your business into account. Through our onboarding process we are able to find out how to make the insights we create as relevant for you as possible. This makes our insights truly valuable for you.

Who is MIMIR?

MIMIR is the name of our company, and the chatbot that you will be talking to regarding your analytics, insights and actions. It was named after the Scandinavian god Mímir, who was known for his wisdom and knowledge, and to whom the famous god Odin goes to for counseling and secret knowledge.